PFB Numb-It Gel


PFB Numb-It Gel


PFB Numb-IT™ Gel, is our amazing topical anesthetic. It is a fast acting topical anesthetic gel. It does not interfere with wax and leaves no greasy film on the skin. Numb IT contains 4% lidocaine, a local anesthetic that provides fast relief from pain and discomfort. Highest non-prescription lidocaine strength available. It does not interfere with wax and leaves no greasy film on the skin. Physicians have trusted lidocaine for decades as a local anesthetic during minor surgeries.

Directions: One application and wait 10 minutes, apply second application and wait 10 minutes. The Numbit is subjective, some people love it and swear by it others prefer to skip the gel and go straight for the hair removal. Avoid contact with eyes, do not use large quantities. Do not apply to blistered areas, mucous membranes, rectum or open wounds. Do not occlude (put any plastic wrap) over Numb-It™ Gel as this could cause a toxic response. Do not use if allergic to lidocaine. Consult a physician if pregnant or lactating. Keep out of reach of children.

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